A brand experience, organizational development, and client relations agency. 

We champion change and believe that positive relationships are paramount to innovation, creativity, and staying quite a few steps ahead of the competition. 



Your brand isn't a logo, a tag line, or a brochure.  Your brand is your customer.  You're only as good as the sum of your customers' experiences. 

Are your customers experiences consistently joyful, authentic, valuable, and memorable? 

Your team

What makes the world go around?  People!  Empowered with the right tools, opportunities, and incentive systems, each and every employee can become your #1 fan. 

Do your team members wave the flag proudly and shout happily from the rooftops?   


your network

Sure, it's hard to keep track of everyone and everything: e-newsletter database, prospecting pipeline, email in-box, independent review platforms, blogs, posts, tweets, texts...whew!

How well are you delivering your brand promise at each point of interaction?


Used to express surprise or wonder.
The best part, the essence, or valuable element of a thing.
— "Goodness" defined by Webster's New World Dictionary

We help you keep your promises.

An engagement with us can help you to: 


Discover what is really being said about your brand behind your back. 

Enhance product and service accessibility, usability, utilization, and satisfaction.

Improve employee engagement, morale, and loyalty. 

Attract the types of clients and consumers with whom you really want to work. 

Increase revenue:  become the company no one can refuse. 

Fall in love with your brand all over again.  The benefits are endless.


We believe that all mutually beneficial relationships start with a genuine smile...


...points of commonalities, a sense of trust, and the ability to bond.  SWIG is where companies and people create positive, joyful, and rewarding relationships with their clients, consumers, networks, employees, and communities.  SWIG is where companies stand apart.   SWIG is where you soar. 


DISCOVERY- The SWIG scorecard

The discovery process provides an oversight of who you are, what you stand for, and the extent to which you're exceeding expectations. Your brand experience audit is the first step in our journey together and includes:

  • Perception and reputation assessments.
  • Brand valuation, competitive market and stakeholder analysis.
  • Focus groups, interviews, surveys.
  • Ethnographic and end user experiences - "shopping" the brand.
  • Internal experience review: communications, personnel management, training and development protocols, performance assessments.
  • External experience review: digital and social; client exchanges; branding, marketing, communications, and public relations efforts.

engagement - cultivate and nurture the right relationships

Creating the ideal customer experience enables you to close sales faster, create loyalty, realize significant budgetary value, and create a best in class organizational culture.  Our work in this area includes: 

  • Business development and sales strategy.
  • Brand ambassadorship - internal and external.
  • Employee engagement and recognition.
  • Corporate citizenship and corporate social responsibility.
  • Emotional Intelligence in the workplace and beyond.
  • Integration with communications, marketing, and PR strategies.


Close your eyes.  Take a deep breath.  Recall one of your favorite "first time" memories.  Remember the anticipation, excitement, and sheer joy.   We can help you can create that "first time" feeling every time one comes into contact with your brand.  Keep the spark alive.  Let's get started.

  • Customer journey mapping design, across all touchpoints.
  • Enhance your brand personality; the who, what, why, when, and how of what you do.  Become crystal clear in your "secret sauce."
  • Create the ideal organizational culture experience with live interactions, communication strategies, training and mentoring.
  • Create the ideal client and community experience with digital, social, SEO, integrative marketing, mobile, and content production.

growth - your roadmap for greatness

You are now well-positioned and ready to take it to the next level.  You are on a path to greatness and ready to challenge yourself, your team, and your brand in pursuit of innovation and competitive advantage. You are ready to soar.

  • New product and service design and development.
  • Ongoing prospecting and cultivation strategies.
  • All things social:  content creation, digital marketing, website design.
  • Interactive end-user engagement.
  • Identification and utilization of latest technologies to help you and your team work smarter and faster, realize significant cost savings, and remain a best place to work.

Dare to be different.  Color outside the lines.  Play outside the sandbox.  Here's what you can achieve.


Backed by qualitative and quantitative methodologies, we are committed to creating organizational cultures that no one can refuse.  Our own clients represent diverse verticals, demographics, and stages of growth.  We excel in the following areas:


A sampling of a few of our favorite engagements...