How will you SWIG?

Do you know what's being said about you behind your back after you leave the party?  Perceptions are everything.  Make sure you're living up to your brand's promises. 

A brand experience, organizational development, and client relations agency, SWIG helps people and companies understand how they are perceived and experienced by their clients, consumers, networks, employees, and communities. 

Jan Mercer Dahms

Founder & CEO, SWIG 

Devoted to creating opportunities for people and companies to connect, engage, inspire, and motivate, Jan builds great end-user experiences from the bottom-up.  Her work addresses critical areas that can make or break a company brand: performance, trust, likability, and reputation.  Her front-line, “getting close to the customer” approach has well-served a 20+ year, C-Suite career spanning operational restructuring, employee engagement, change management, business development, re-branding launches, and fiscal infrastructure development. Jan has served in in-house C-Suite and externally facing roles in companies and organizations as diverse as Plum Alley, International Planned Parenthood, Teach For America, Estee Lauder, and Medicis Pharmaceutical Corporation.

In 2012, Jan Mercer Dahms launched 6-Figures, a social experiential initiative for highly accomplished, professional women. The invite-only group engages women with 10+ years of transformative leadership experience.  6-Figures opens doors, and creates opportunities.  Jan earned a MBA in International Business and lives in NYC.